About Elliot

Career Highlights

  • Over 30 years in the field of visual and corporate communications
  • Multi-sector expertise ranging from Finance and Technology to Luxury, Retail, Transformational Coaching Industry and more.
  • Expert in branding and communication for start-ups and SMEs, leveraging a unique experience in the Financial Industry and Hedge Funds in packaging financial products and solutions for investors and institutional clients.
  • Expertise in providing SMEs with institutional class branding and packaging to help small companies compete in crowded markets often dominated by larger companies and big players.
  • Elliot excels at furnishing SMEs with the branding and communication tools needed to survive in very challenging market environments.
  • Drive by his belief that any company, however small has the potential for high growth, but that such growth requires embedding from the outset a strong and consistent branding culture.
  • This belief is built on Elliot’s own experience with small independent financial and technology companies, where his approach to branding, and especially providing institutional class product packaging of non-tangible products and services yielded the following results:

    • When working in the Payments Processing industry in 2004-2005, packaged an opportunity in the gaming industry to investors, which ultimately led to the company achieving a turnover of 4B USD in 2008.
    • When working in the Hedge Fund Industry, by implementing a 3-stage due diligence packaging process highlighting in clear terms the benefits of investments and addressing all the concerns of stakeholders such as Investment Committees and decision makers, the firm’s assets under management passed from 200M USD in 2006 to 1.2B USD 18 months later.
    • When working with the Mobile Payments start-up, Elliot’s approach to packaging new ideas in the technology space contributed to the firm’s raising 32M USD over a 2-year period.
  • Today, as Industry Rockstar’s Creative Director, Elliot shares is deep experience of Branding and Communication with IR’s students to ensure that they boost their ability to communicate their unique added value to their clients.
Why I am passionate about personal and small businesses branding.

Today, most of us evolve in unchartered business and economic environments. The only thing we can know for certain is that nothing is guaranteed and disrupted is the new normal. Consequently, more and more number of people are becoming independents because the jobs they had no longer exist. Our economic systems are shedding what it deems as non-essential to its profit… and often that is us!

Whether solopreneurs, mompreneurs, couplepreneurs, small business owners, survival is the name of the game, because if you don’t, Social Darwinism could become your daily reality, and you will be on the wrong side of it.

The reality is that regardless of your sector of activity, raising your brand profile is one of the only protections you can achieve. And it’s in your power to succeed in gaining a higher visibility. My blog is all about brands, learning from the big boys, and also achieving a lot on small budgets simply by being smart and consistent.

You can contact me anytime, I love getting feedback and learning about what’s going on.

My Journey

I consider myself lucky. Here I am at almost 60, achieving new professional heights and probably the best branding work I have ever done. I live in the South of Spain, in Malaga, a really exciting and sunny town on the Mediterranean, surrounded by young people, all of them great digital professionals. I guess I could say I am living the dream. And it feels good.

We are also lucky, because the team and I have the good fortune to spend our days creating great brands and digital marketing assets for our clients. To top it all, we have the privilege of working with Kane & Alessia Minkus, founders of Industry Rockstar, and their team. Kane and Alessia are the #1 Global Businesses Coaches engaging with thousands of business owners every year, helping them create more income, build stronger companies and leave a legacy.

We have the best job in the world!

When creating and designing brands for our clients, listening to their vision, hopes and aspirations, we always go to great lengths to ensure that their brand tells their story to the world. Nothing worse than a brand that fails to do justice to all the hard work a business owner invests into building a great company.

During the course of the past three years, I have been involved in the branding of over 300 business owners, entrepreneurs, small companies, moms setting up a business for the first time, highly skilled professionals looking to embark on a new careers as consultants, coaches, mentors, health and wellbeing experts, at least 20 different sectors and counting.

Bringing to personal branding the skills I acquired during my 15 years in the Financial and Technology sectors focusing on investor related communication and product packaging, I have had the opportunity to enrich myself with a wealth of knowledge pertaining to positioning independents in crowded markets.

Every day I learn something new and every day, I like to think I am contributing to someone’s dream for a better future. Because when I think of all our clients, what gives me the greatest high is their stories. I am also always in awe at their hard work, dedication and the risks they take to build businesses that reflect their single-minded focus on creating something different and unique, and also a business that will provide them and their families a better life, and the freedom that comes with being your own boss.

With almost 40 years in business as an independent, and 30 in Branding & Communication, I have got to the point in my life and career, whereby I can work closely with my clients, allowing them to bring out the best in me so I can contribute to their success with the best brand advisory I can muster.